Tim Huegdon

Technologist, Founder,
Director, CIO/CTO, Leader

Tim is an experienced startup founder, CIO/CTO, and technology leader, having worked at several large brands including Amazon Instant Video, Betfair, and Yahoo!. He is currently focused on building and running an ecommerce startup whilst also providing technical consultancy in software development. He is a confident leader and communicator, as well as an active member (and occasional blogger) of the web and mobile development community.

He is highly experienced in hiring and building cross-functional teams for development, and has personally run over 200 technical interviews throughout his career. He is also experienced in internationalisation and localisation, web accessibility, search engine optimisation, web standards, front-end web development, and back-end web development. He is also capable of managing a full web stack from development through to release, including builds, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and server maintenance.